Our Vision

Like other Islamic organizations, our vision in founding the organization is actually to provide facilities for Muslims to perform their religious activities. For that purposes, we hope to take a part in preserving the existence of the Islamic religion in Australia.

However, we also realize that we live in Australia with its cultures and rules. So We intend to develop akhlakul karimah (good manner) for our members according to Islamic guidance under Australia’s regulation.

Therefore, AIDA provide the development of the Islamic religion as a role model and guide for people in the social life in Australia.



AIDA has been founded since 1996 in Sydney, NSW. Along with the development of members, and the number of requests, AIDA established a mosque in Sydney in 1997. After a lot of members who have a relative moved to Victoria, AIDA developed in Melbourne in 2001, with initially centered at Coburg. Due to insufficient facility in Coburg, AIDA decided to establish a mosque in Altona North in 2007.


About Us

AIDA is Association of Islamic Dawah Australia. This organization is a religious society which was established by the Indonesian student in Australia. AIDA always focuses on Islamic knowledge with akhlakul karimah in every activity not only it’s activities in the AIDA itself but also activities that require interaction with other organizations.